Why Choose Candock?

Superior Manufactured Floating Dock System

Candock is extremely user friendly from the early planned concept to the final installation of your dock. Relying on simple and lightweight components, everything remains as easy as playing with big LEGO blocks! We have adapted all of our accessories to allow the anchoring and accessorizing processes to become a simple and successful achievement. All parts are robust, durable and exceptionally manufactured.

Candock Is Maintenance Free

Thanks to our superior quality resins, the structural integrity as well as the colour of our modular components will remain intact for decades.

Candock's Modular Floating System Is An Investment

The valuation of your Candock is virtually investment grade. When compared to the more traditional constructions which quickly fade, corrode and decay through time, your Candock dock will maintain a substantial value for many years to come.

Safety And Stability Are Key

The safety and stability aspect for your floating dock are key elements in planning such an investment. Candock has undertaken almost three decades of thorough field testing to perfect its system. Providing a slick and soft finish, our anti-skid surfaces and high load capacity buoyancy makes Candock one of the safest floating docks available.

Anchoring A Floating Dock

The anchoring of a Candock Modular Floating System is highly important and will directly correlate with the efficiency, stability and durability of your floating dock system. At Candock, we take pride in our in-depth analysis of your environment in order to provide you with the most adequate and performing anchoring layout. Throughout the past 25 years, we have developed and perfected each anchoring accessory in an effort to improve our customer experience at every level.

Forever Customizable

Thanks to Candock’s most reliable and durable fastener system, your floating dock can be changed and adapted through time to suit your evolving needs.

Worldwide 25 Year Record

Through our network and our cumulative years of “In Field” expertise, Candock has perfected every unique aspect of their system. Candock means a piece of mind for many years to come.

We Stand Behind Our Products

Our 20-year warranty certifies our profound belief in our product.

Proudly Manufactured In Canada!

Family owned and operated since its inception in the early 90’s, Candock is proud to manufacture all of their products in Canada.

Candock’s entire product line is made of new HDPE resin which is 100% recyclable. No waste is created. Everything is transformed!